Ever wonder what goes on in the mind of a horror author? Join me as I pick the brain of Bruce Cuttman about his debut novel Stained Torment.

“Writing a romance novel would be like burning alive at the stake.”

As horror fans, we’re constantly on the lookout for new ideas and original stories, and South African horror author Bruce Cuttman has certainly provided that for us with Stained Torment.

If you haven’t read this gory and graphic tale, allow me to give you a short (spoiler free!) synopsis:

Stained Torment is the story of Kora, a sassy blonde bombshell who has been tormented by the evil Mr. Red Eyes since she was a small child.

Forced to endure this haunting nightmare in silence, the abuse she suffers escalates after her 18th birthday.

Eventually the nightmares spill into her waking world, and life spirals out of control, ultimately climaxing in a battle between Love and Evil.

“As someone who has always been drawn to question the world and not follow like a blind sheep, I love to see things differently.”

So what kind of mind does it take to delve into the depths of Hell (and self-publishing), and manage to return relatively unscathed? Read on to find out as NZ Horror Fans go behind the scenes!

Q: Tell us, who is Bruce Cuttman?

A: Well, I’ve been in the hospitality sales industry for 22 years, and as I live in South Africa, its wildlife and bush are a treat. I also love sports and hobbies such as fishing, and of course, writing.

Q: How were you introduced to the horror genre?

A: As someone who has always been drawn to question the world and not follow like a blind sheep, I love to see things differently, and why not? I don’t know why but I’ve always been attracted to the alternate dark side, paranormal state, and the unknown.

Q: Why did you choose to write horror books?

A: The horror, paranormal genre is where I feel comfortable and creative. Writing a romance novel would be like burning alive at the stake.

Q: What was your main source of inspiration for Stained Torment?

A: I always enjoyed reading song lyrics and started to write my own, especially when feeling in a dark place filled with anger. After writing 5 songs, I thought it would be fun to link them up as a story. My head exploded with ideas and the beginnings of Stained Torment began. It took me over 10 years to write, but that’s because I gave up over 5 times and started again. Now I’m hooked and writing book #2 will be a breeze.

Q: Kora is a strong female character. Is she based off someone you know in real life?

A: No, Kora is like no one I know in real life, but some of the characters have personality traits based off people I know or encountered in my life. I chose a female lead as unfortunately women are more prone to nasty things happening to them, but so many have the courage to fight back.

Q: If you could be any character from Stained Torment, which one would you choose and why?

A: Duval. He can switch between demon and man form, and has found his destiny. However, his past causes him to have much pain, and he slaughters Evil for fun.

Q: As a newly self-published author, what are some words of advice you would give to other budding horror writers?

A: The book world has changed. Anyone can self-publish on the likes of Amazon and Kobo. First step: set out your basic plot, do your research, then get writing. Don’t worry about editing; just get your first draft done. Then you can edit chapter by chapter and tweak where needed. Remember: procrastination is a sickness with no cure.

Q: Who’s your favourite horror author?

A: To be honest, I know there’s someone out there who I haven’t discovered yet who I would prefer to the global names. I hope karma lets me find them one day.

Q: Any horror movies you want to recommend to people?

A: There are so many horror movies out there that I find cheesy and predictable. The ones that really grab me the most are the more psychological ones like Silence of the Lambs, or ones that feel more real like The Exorcist.

Q: What is something that scares you the most?

A: Drowning freaks me out! Things like snakes and frogs I don’t mind, but don’t make me pick them up.

Q: What can we look forward to from you in the future?

A: Book #2 will be a prequel to Stained Torment. It’s about Kora as a child and the start of her seeing Mr. Red Eyes. Then I might do a book about a character like Duval, but Stained Torment can always be read as a stand-alone book.

There you have it folks, a sneak peak into the world of a brand new horror author!

So if you’re looking for something more extreme and outside the box, then grab yourself a copy of Stained Torment!

Connect with Bruce on Facebook and stay up to date with his latest work!


And check out the Stained Torment website to buy the book and join the Tormented Tribe.

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